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Ruth Wire is an award-winning poet and screenwriter, a produced playwright, a published short story writer and a published lyricist.

In 2021, Ruth Wire entered her nineties – just in time to become a published novelist with her book The Night Birds Still Sing.

In Los Angeles of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, Ruth Wire attended writing workshops, won a poetry slam, and was published in Poetry & Prose magazine.

In Ashland, Oregon, she created a Writers’ Faire and two theaters: the New Playwrights Theatre with Bradford O’Neil, and Studio X Experimental Theatre with Scott and Peggy Avery. In 1995, Ruth started a workshop for writers.

Of her motivation as a writer, Ruth says she grew up watching her parents tear each other apart and has spent the rest of her life putting the pieces of her heart back together.

Today, she lives in Ashland, Oregon. She is the President of Ashland Contemporary Theatre Board, and continues to mentor the HayWire Writers’ Workshop.

90 Years of life as a writer and a mensch

Books by Ruth Wire

The Night Birds Still Sing

At first, moving to the grand house and living among her mother’s roomers was a welcome reprieve from her parents’ constant fights, but then…

Saddle Shoes and Stardust

Phoebe enters the cultural jungle of Los Angeles as a teenage Jewish girl.

Love among the Grown-ups

Balancing love, responsibility, and the creative, authentic self.


Life can be a joyous encounter with the possible.

– Ruth Wire

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